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A luxury bed and breakfast with casual island elegance in Gulfport, Florida near St. Petersburg, Tampa and the Gulf Beaches. Located at 5701 Shore Blvd, Gulfport Florida 33707. 1-727-343-4445.

The Longhouse on 49th Street Inc.
(727) 322-5766

  • Energy/Relaxation Massage:
    A full body massage emphasizing long flowing strokes for relaxation and physical/mental rejuvenation and the complementary application of energy techniques. $75/55 minutes, $95/90 minutes

  • Combo Massage:
    A combination of relaxation and deep pressure massage.
    $85/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes

  • Dual Massage: A stimulating combination of practitioner skills with two therapists. $120/55 minutes
  • Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular:
    Release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure. $90/60 minutes, $110/90 minutes

  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST):
    A series of techniques to gently manipulate the cranial bones, spine and sacrum using the rhythmic cycle of the cerebro-spinal fluid to locate and treat deep-seated problems anywhere in the body. Clients remain fully clothed. $85/60 minutes and prorated for personal needs

  • Somato-Emotional Release (SER):
    An outgrowth from CST to treat harmful energy concentration in the body resulting from physical or emotional traumas. Techniques include regional tissue release and dialogue. Clients remain fully clothed. $65/60 minutes and prorated for personal needs

  • Reflexology:
    Points are worked on the hands and feet that access the rest of the body. Excellent for circulation, PMS, diabetes and migraines. Clients remain fully clothed. $55/30 minutes, $85/60 minutes

  • Reiki:
    An ancient healing art form with a certified Reiki Master, admininstered by laying on of hands to reduce stress and promote healing. Clients remain fully clothed. .$50/30 minutes, $80/60 minutes

  • Shiatsu:
    An Asian practice of acupressure, similar to acupuncture, by using hands and feet instead of needles to release endorphins and stimulate the body’s natural self-curative powers. Client remains fully clothed. $90/hour

  • Hot Stone Massage:
    Your body will be enveloped by basalt stones that will therapeutically penetrate the body to help it release and let go. $120/hour

Events at the Longhouse on 49th Street:

The Longhouse "Common Ground" provides a community meeting and gathering room that hosts a variety of workshop, classes and community activities. The "Common Ground" calendar is put together each season (four times/year) You can see the complete listing on the calendar of events page here.

The Art of Massage

2914 1/2 Beach Blvd. S.
Gulfport, FL 33707
(727) 323-3933



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